20 Fun Things Parents Can Do for Their Kids Learning at Home

I use various websites for some great learning resources in my lessons and for extra homework or study activities. One of these is ‘Teach It’. Whilst looking for some fun worksheets for homework activities, I stumbled across this great PDF – ’20 Ideas for Parents for When Schools Close Due to COVID’. While COVID lockdowns and learning from home are a distant memory for most nations around the world, a few places are still struggling with recurrent outbreaks. Even if this is not an issue where you live, I have taught plenty of students who learn online because they enjoy it, or are travelling, or have a mental health condition or disability which makes attending a face-to-face school problematic. Whatever your situation, or your child’s situation is, it’s handy to have a readily accessible list of ideas to access. Even if it’s for one of those ‘boredom busting’ days! Feel free to download the list below, print it out and stick it up in your child’s learning space. Even if you only do one of the activities per week, it’s a great tool to break up the routine of homeschool and just do something different once in a while! Happy Learning!

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