5 Things Parents Can do to Make Online Learning Less Stressful!

Set up the right study space – Don’t let students learn with their laptop in bed! Have a dedicated study space where they can pin things up on the wall, like timetables or assignment tasks. The best study space has a view – sometimes kids love to look out the window, think a little, de-stress or imagine.

Establish a routine – It’s easy to let life get a little lazy when you’re learning from home. Experts agree that kids thrive on routine, so it’s up to parents to keep that routine going, even if they’re learning from home. Set a regular ‘get up’ time, establish a timetable and take regular breaks – just like students would in a ‘regular’ school.

Allow for down time – give kids the opportunity to run around, be silly, go for a walk or watch a little TV. It helps them to ‘decompress’ and just tune out of life for awhile!

Do something crafty – bake a cake, do some painting, make a collage, press some flowers, make slime, do scrapbooking, make a model, make some jewellery, make something out of clay. Anything to help your child get back in touch with their natural creativity. It’s SO good for their mental health!

Be prepared – Scouts follow this golden rule and you should too! This relates to routine but it also means to get things done in plenty of time – never leave things until the last minute. ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!’.

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