Access FREE (or almost free!) Virtual Excursions for Students, Parents and Teachers – UPDATE

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as we all know, has heightened the demand for online learning, but this doesn’t usually extend to excursions. Traditionally, if your child is enrolled at a physical school, excursions would be delivered by their school, but homeschool students have limited access to authentic excursions, whether they are face-to-face or virtual. Until now, that is!

I found a couple of wonderful resources for students, parents and teachers:

1. DART Learning – an initiative of the New South Wales Education Department. The department partners with providers such as the State Library, art galleries around Australia, museums, aquariums, and more!

Each provider, with assistance from DART Learning, creates a virtual excursion or e-learning event which can be free, or in some cases, a small fee is charged. There are a huge range of excursions available in subjects such as Science, Technology, Art, Music, History, English and Computing.

So check out DART Learning – a fun and fascinating way to expand your child’s learning horizons!

2. Ditch That Textbook – 25 Virtual Field Trips for your Classroom. – This is a great one if you’re a homeschool parent! DTT is an e-learning resource that I use from time to time and this link came across my desk via their weekly newsletter that I subscribe to. The link above takes you to a compilation page of virtual field trips from such eminent institutions as, National Geographic and Nature Conservancy. Topics include virtual excursions into space, the environment and undersea life. And of course, with all links pages, once you go into the links on this page looking for a particular excursion, it takes you down a rabbit-hole of choice for hundreds of other excursions! Thankfully there’s a search function so it will be easy to find what you want. The benefit here is you can schedule a virtual excursion into just about any of your school subjects, whether you study with us at Voyager School or are following your own curriculum.

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