Free Courses

British – Year 7 History – The Black Death

Course Summary In this FREE British School Online History course for Year 7/KS3 students, you will explore the famous ‘Black Death’, also known as the ‘Black Plague’, that ravaged Europe and Britain in the mid 1300s A.D. Investigate the symptoms of, and treatment for, the plague and what medieval people believed was its cause.

Free Poetry Lessons for High School Students

Course Summary This Online School Free English Poetry course contains a number of free poetry lessons, which you can use to practice your English and Critical Literacy skills. They are useful for anyone with an interest in poetry or for high school students who want to practice their listening and reading comprehension skills.

Free Beginner English as a Second Language Course

Course Summary This FREE course is a solid introduction to Beginner-level English as a Second Language for ESL students. It contains a number of video lessons, which include activities for students, as well as downloadable worksheets (most with answers) for students to practice their grammar and vocabulary.

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