teenagers taking an exam, writing on a notepad in an exam

ACER Selective Entry High School Exam 2024 – Persuasive Writing – FREE Course

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teenagers taking an exam, writing on a notepad in an exam

Course Summary

The Victorian Selective Entry High School Exam will be administered by ACER in 2024. It is an exam completed by students in Year 8 who wish to enter one of Victoria’s 4 selective entry high schools in Year 9.

This course comprises three lessons on Persuasive Writing, which is one of the tasks in the Writing section of the exam. The other is creative writing which is covered in another course, coming soon.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to the ACER SEHS Exam, What is a persuasive text?, How to write a good introduction and Thesis Statement.

Lesson 2 – Persuasive writing techniques, How to write the body paragraphs, How to join your ideas together using the PEEL/TEEL paragraph writing structure.

Lesson 3 – How to write a counter-argument and an effective Conclusion.

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