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Our courses are only available as part of our 3 Membership Plans:

Humanities – all Geography and History courses, all year levels.

Core Subjects – all English, Science and Maths courses, all year levels

Full – All subjects, all year levels

To enroll in our courses, follow these steps:

  1. Register with us.
  2. Go to our Courses page and Search for, or Click on the course you are interested in.
  3. This will add the course to your Shopping Cart as part of one of our Membership Plans. (See more about what our Membership Plans include.)
  4. Follow the Checkout process using your credit card through Stripe or use a Paypal account.
  5. You’re now ready to learn!

Our lessons are comprised of 3 main parts:

  1. The video lesson – this is a high-quality recording of a lesson delivered using PowerPoint. The lesson contains educational videos, quizzes, matching activities, writing activities, reading activities and much more – all contained within the one video lesson. Students can pause this lesson at any time to complete the activities and then continue on when they’re ready. All the answers are provided to activities in the video, so parents don’t need to help their child – lessons are entirely self-directed.
  2. Extra Resources – this section of the lesson is devoted to any extra resources students might need, or homework worksheets. Resources are in PDF form and can be printed out and completed by the student. In most cases, answers are provided, but not always – it depends on the nature of the worksheet.
  3. The last component of our lessons is the quiz. Sometimes there is a quiz at the end of the lesson, sometimes this quiz is at the end of the unit. It depends on the subject.

Students are assessed in two ways:

  1. Formative assessment – these are quizzes and activities that students complete during the lesson, to check for understanding.
  2. Summative assessment – This is in the form of ‘End of Unit Quizzes’ – students complete these at the end of each course. Students must receive a passing grade of 50% to receive a Quiz Certificate and must complete all quizzes and lessons in a course to receive a Course Certificate.

When a parent registers with our site, they will be granted access to their personal account page which gives information about their registration date, what subscription plan they have signed up to and what courses their child is undertaking or completed, as well as their results for the End of Unit Quizzes that their child has completed.

The teachers who create lessons for Voyager School are highly qualified and experienced. That means they have a degree in education and experience teaching in a school.


Our lessons are created with sound pedagogical principles that incorporate the best methods for students learning online.

Our teachers have experience teaching the curriculums that they design lessons for. We would never ask a teacher to design lessons in a subject that they hadn’t taught before.

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