Small Group vs One-to-One Classes Online – Which is Better?

Small group classes and one-to-one classes both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the specific context and learning goals.

One-to-One Classes for Online Learning

One-to-one classes are typically tailored to the individual needs of the learner and can be highly personalized. For example, at Voyager School we offer ‘assignment planning help‘ classes at AUD$50 per hour. Students can book a session with one of our teachers to get help planning and writing an important assignment. This approach helps the student to get started and have a plan for working on the assignment. Student and teacher can meet weekly, even daily until the assignment is complete, or even just the one lesson if the student is confident working alone. This learning option is the most flexible – the teacher can focus entirely on the student’s learning style, pace, and interests, and can provide individualized feedback and support. This can lead to faster progress and more efficient learning.

Small Group Classes for Online Learning

On the other hand, small group classes allow for interaction and collaboration with other learners, which can be beneficial for social and communication skills development. In a small group, learners can also practice teamwork and cooperation, and benefit from the diverse perspectives and experiences of others.

Another advantage of small group classes is that they can be more cost-effective than one-to-one classes, as the teacher’s time is divided among several learners. Our small group classes with a maximum of 5 students are $20 per hour, per student. The curriculum is set each term and there’s one class per week in each subject and year level. For example, on April 18, 2023 (Term 2 in Australia), we’re running an ‘Improve Your English Skills’ class for Year 7 students where we cover two units from our Year 7 English course – What is Language? and What is Literature? Finally, small group classes can also offer a more dynamic and engaging learning environment, as learners can participate in discussions and activities with peers.

Ultimately, the choice between small group classes and one-to-one classes will depend on the specific needs and goals of the learner. If individual attention and tailored instruction are most important, one-to-one classes may be the best option. If social interaction and collaboration are desired, small group classes may be more beneficial. The best value way to learn online with Voyager School is to take up one of our Membership Plans starting at AUD$29 per month – that way you get access to over 50 courses (depending on your Membership Level). Students can work at their own pace and not be constrained to the same pace as their classmates in an online lesson. But if your child craves interaction with a real person, then our online classes are still much cheaper than our competitors – even for individual tuition!

On a final note, we take Child Safety VERY seriously at Voyager School. In Australia, it is a legal requirement that teachers and tutors over 18 must hold a Working With Children Check card. Whatever option you choose with us – online lessons or study at home courses, you can be assured that every employee at Voyager School is ‘Child Safe’. That means we all hold Working with Children cards that certify that child safety checks have been carried out. These differ from state to state. In Queensland, they are called ‘Blue Cards’. Each staff member’s Child Safety card is visible on our website.

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