The Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning

A teenage boy wearing a blue shirt, reading something on a laptop.

1. It’s flexible for different learning styles and life situations – study what you want, when you want.

2. It’s inexpensive: Most online schools, including Voyager School, offer low-cost alternatives to a physical school. You don’t have to enroll in every subject – some students just want to do Maths or History – which keeps costs way down for parents. And online schools are even cheaper if you just want access to quality e-learning materials without having to pay for virtual classroom lessons.

3. Increased course variety: Online education offers a WEALTH of options! Study anything from French Romantic Medieval Literature to Astrophysics. Online learning offers students the chance to branch out and discover their passion.

4. Personalized education: Students can study what grabs them and can even do courses which may not be offered in their year level at a traditional school.

5. Enhanced time management skills: In a traditional school, students have to be at school at a certain time and their day is regulated by bells. At an online school, particularly if a student is not taking scheduled classes, the day is free for them to complete their lesson at any time. They have to manage their own time, which is great for fostering independence! There’s no strict timetable to follow – and this suits a lot of kids – particularly if they are engaged in a lot of extra-curricular activities, or are travelling.

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